Knallerfrauen with influence in China

 We are living in fast paced city and people are get a bit hectic in life, even we have no right to control all the world around us, but we still can get relax in comedy series. One of the example is Knallerfrauen.

   Knallerfrauen come from comedy program of SAT.1 in Germany and comedy series theme is talk about women.The joke is created mainly by normal everyday scenes including different type of women like housewife, businesswomen or single. Also Knallerfrauen using humorous sketch comedy with self-deprecating to attracted audiences and perform the problems encountered by women in society. That why Knallerfrauen cause great resonance and success in Germany.

 In fact, Knallerfrauen is one of the most famous TV productions in China, even It breaks with the usual Chinese cliches. Because it is too popular so have China version call Diors Man.

 Diors Man also similar with Knallerfrauen, the topics changing to different type of man and use the same techniques for shooting to perform the problems encountered by man in society. Actually Diors Man attracted more audiences than Knallerfrauen in China because in first season of Diors Man hit rate always nearly 4 million. However have something interesting about the Chinese production off air in 2015 and Knallerfrauen still running right now, this situation not make sense in a successful program.

 This situation can prove different culture background will influence the development potential of program. Knallerfrauen breaks with the usual Chinese cliches, which is Diaosi and that mean roughly translated to mean loser, geeks, or subversive sub-cultures. By 2013, Analysys International more than a quarter of the total population of China self-identified as a Diaosi. The derogatory slang had similar hit a deep and collective emotional chord among the wider Chinese population.

 Chinese government hold internet popular culture in high regard. The Chinese President, Xi Jinping want to achieve Chinese Dream, and to achieve this dream, Xi Jinping asked the young to be “ambitious and reliable” and “optimistic and tenacious when facing adversities.” Actually Chinese government need the new generation make China more powerful in the world. So that the government must created a hopeful life around new generation let them prove more knowledge with technology in society.

 Diaosi culture not fit into Chinese Dream and which can not popular in internet culture. In China still have many rural poor, there are not enough perfect healthcare and education equipment. Even starting to develop the rural poor which can not be rich and more successful than city, so the rural poor people no hope in the future. The negative emotion can subversion in China, the diaosi culture meaning derogatory slang and affect society future in China. So that Diors Man need to off air.

 Chinese media production still work under government guideline, which is not health to develop media future in China. A good program can build up soft power in the world and too much pressure from government, the media production can not prove a program to catch world attention.





Diors Man





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